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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fresh batch of commissions!

(All characters depicted belong to their respective owners)

Tiny Tifa ad Tiny Nami for Evafreak

Rio for Octavio Arango

Fizzy and Vhaidra for Phraxus and Kreizen

Succubus Mercury and Sailor Jupiter for Ravenhull

Burst Lion and Black Falcon for Adeki and Black Falcon

Latex Super and Batgirl with "toys" for aidenke

Jessie for Astrallight

Orihime and Hinata for awr74

Megan for djgaijin

Titanna for djgaijin

Kylie for MrHalfAwake

Ragns and an unnamed Elvaan for ragnsmoo

1 comment:

StarDragon77 said...

Now, I so want to get my hands on a high resolution version of Sailor Succubus. I'd really like to color that. :-)