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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dat green ass

Random view of She-Hulk from behind sketch.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little catching up

Here is a batch of commissions I did while I was on "vacation" from DA. Enjoy!

(All original characters belong to their respective owners, the rest are parody ^_^)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hiding in plain sight

Catwoman portrait.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Yummy curves

A sneak peek at the Catwoman piece I am working on.
(If I showed any more of it it would spoil the surprise!)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Commission List

Commissions are done, The list will be opening again soon!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat

... now to work on my Catwoman!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catwoman warm-up sketch

Felt like drawing a Catwoman variation that would be more suited in fighting in the Mortal Kombat arena of Injustice.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


A little work in progress...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Enjoying my vacation time

Still got about 10 days left on my suspension from DA so I am making the most of it by doing some housecleaning and maintenance.

If you are wondering why my gallery seems to be missing a few images it is because I am streamlining and cleaning out the cobwebs - the images are not being deleted by DA so you don't have to freak. (but if you do have an image you do want to save on your hard drive, you better make a copy of it pretty soon just n case)

Being suspended is like having the closed sign on the door which lets you work behind the scenes uninterrupted.

Given my gallery has over 1000 images, it will take some time to sort through it all and frankly some of my older pieces are showing their age - bleah!

See you real soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ame-Comi Harley!

Warm-up sketch - decided to make her a little more anime-like ^_^

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty sure this made a difference

They even said the support shown for me helped make them make up their mind on changing my ban to a suspension.

Day 6 - Ban appeal (and rejection?)


Someone responded to my appeal of the appeal and escalated it to their supervisor.

I am only suspended for 2 weeks!

"You have been suspended from deviantART for 1w 6d 23h 46m 14s with a reason of Re-submission of content previously deleted by staff."

I think they must have dug deeper into my records and found a few things not-so-kosher with them.

They were also swayed by the support everyone has shown for me on DA!

I need a nap now... but a happy nap now!


I feel sick...

I just got the response to my appeal and the main reasons I got the ban WAS the thumbnail. But that is not all.

Despite behaving myself for 2 months, they still thought they should ban me anyhow.

Why jump to ban?

They said I had already had been suspended a few times before.

This is news to me.

I have never been suspended!

I have been a deviant for 7 years and I am pretty sure I would have noticed having my account suspended and taking it as a warning of possible future actions if I had not behaved.

In fact I would have changed the purpose of my account on Deviantart altogether.

It felt like I was unexpectedly being punched in the stomach when I was extending my hand to them in appreciation and agreement.

DA: "We know you have been sincere and see you have behaved... but we don't care about the fact you have changed and you promised not to be a problem anymore... we are going to ban you now and  not give you a chance to prove yourself." (<- what it felt like they were saying)





Whatever... do what you want.

I really don't care right now.

They aren't giving me a chance because of some made-up "suspensions"... so I am really fucked for another month... when they say I can try to appeal the ban again...

Mythical suspensions they pulled out of thin air...

Right now I want to just go to bed... 

...for maybe a month... 

...dream of a miracle perhaps...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Duella Dent sketch

I love the Ame-Comi Duella Dent design!

Thanks for all the support!

Click me!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Snuggle Time"
Tankette and Vincent commission for kahn-iceay

Some work in progress

Day 4 of DA ban

Working on commissions and my portfolio lately.

Even if I am banned from Deviantart, I still have to work and pay the bills.

So I am still waiting for the reason for my ban, but I did notice yesterday that they assigned the appeal to $kozispoon (she's the Copyright & Etiquette Admin).

She has become the go-to mod lately for any communications I have had with the help desk ever since I complained and showed that $realitysquared was being unbiased on an of my appeal rulings which they seemed to.

She was also the admin who told me 2 months ago after the July 4th deletions (when I found out it was the mod themselves who were monitoring and deleting my deviations and not external complaints) that I should stop testing them and behave.

So I did listen since we both got our points across.

So why is this relevant?

I toed the line and behaved since that day, adhering to the guidelines when I posted images on DA.  I respected her wishes and even apologized for past behavior because we had finally come to understanding of each other.

Everything that was posted was kosher - and this was during my Hat-a-day challenge.

So when I got banned for posting a "prohibited" image and afterwards got the notices about a deletion from my gallery of a "prohibited" image. I could only assume THAT was the image that got me banned.

Funny thing.

That image I posted was from an image appeal I asked for in June and during/after the appeal the moderator had no issues with this image when I used it as my evidence of inconsistent DA policy enforcement.

So I left it in my scrapbook.

Do you want to see it?

Are you sure?

It was what made SOMEONE on DA staff hit the perma-ban button.

Ok.... you were warned...

It can still be accessed via this page but you can't link or see the image link directly here or here 

Scary stuff people!

Scary, scary stuff...

More details and how you can show support here http://fav.me/d59jvx2 or here or here

Friday, August 3, 2012

Warm up sketch

Today's sketch warm up character... Harley Quinn!

Day 3 of DA ban

Hey everyone!

Day 3 of the DA ban (nice how it coincides with the actual date) and first of all I would like to thank all the support posts and journals I am seeing on DA (yes, even when banned I can still do  searches for my nick to see what has been posted to date).  Many thanks to Limeykat for being my liason during the ban appeal process.

It feels great to hear the words of encouragement from supporters and fans (and a few barbs from stick-in-the-muds) - trust me, I really do appreciate it when you can't participate in conversations.

As a matter of fact I miss the entire DA community - the fellow artists, not the politics and bureaucracy.

I miss sharing things, helping out new artists and being inspired by great works.

What other site would have all this in a single package?

It is kind of like a huge mall like Mall of America with all the shops and stuff to see.  Maybe you are there to check on someone, or see something cool and on the way you see something you didn’t expect to or make a new friend. Everyone definitely hangs out in the food court to recharge their batteries and just chill.

Right now, I feel like I am stuck outside the mall and looking in through one of the large plate glass windows in front. Like the guy who wants to go shopping but the mall just closed it doors and won’t let people in.

Blogspot and Tumblr is great for sharing stuff with everyone, but it can feel a little one-sided with regards to feedback and conversation.  Personally I have the guilty pleasure of listening in on others conversations when an interesting topic is discussed - which happens a lot on DA.

I still do have the ability to read the comments on DA and I did note that someone asked if I had a gallery for mainly my non-mature works.

Deviantart *was* my gallery for non-mature works.

With their mature filters to shield people from mature art (which I believe was the reason for it in the first place) and the ability to create sub-galleries, I was able to make a site that was friendly for a general audience - like how my Featured gallery had no mature content in it at all.

(It’s funny how art that was not mature in the first place got deleted from my gallery for being “inappropriate” and “mature” content... but I digress...)

I originally created the blogspot callmepo.blogspot.com as a place to house any art deleted from or not suitable for DA, but it got co-opted as my fall-back site.  It was the original “art deleted from Deviantart” site.

Same goes for callmepo.tumblr.com which I announced earlier as my future location for mature commission work.

Funny how plans can change.

callmepo.tumblr.com and callmepo.blogspot.com are now my main sites during the ban appeal and I am re-directing my mature art to another site I had in the works called pinupsushi.tumblr.com!

So yeah, I can still see and answer questions from you guys from DA thanks to Limeykat and my alternate sites. But just give Limeykat a little extra love for the help she has been giving me for the last few days ok? 


View from the other side...

In case people were curious, this is the screen that greeted me BEFORE I got the note or the email about the deleted deviation.
This is the view from the other side of a banned site on DA. All you guys see is that I was banned.
“You have been banned from deviantART permanently with a reason of Re-submission of content previously deleted by staff.”
Still no note or email on the reason for the ban so this is the only likely indication for the reason for the DA ban.
I really wish they actually gave me more details.. or at least a warning or 2 week temporary ban as a warning shot.

Shego's "ME" time...


I can't keep this image hidden away from you people!

I will just to draw more! ^_^

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shego at night preview

This was supposed to be a naughty but wholly-within-image-guidelines image to be posted on DA, but recent vents have me thinking of holding off on posting the whole image until I see where I - and it - will wind up...

(BTW, this is a new image and NOT the one which got me banned)

*crosses fingers*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Been banned on Deviantart...

... so I will be falling back to this place and callmepo.tumblr.com to post news and images.