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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 6 - Ban appeal (and rejection?)


Someone responded to my appeal of the appeal and escalated it to their supervisor.

I am only suspended for 2 weeks!

"You have been suspended from deviantART for 1w 6d 23h 46m 14s with a reason of Re-submission of content previously deleted by staff."

I think they must have dug deeper into my records and found a few things not-so-kosher with them.

They were also swayed by the support everyone has shown for me on DA!

I need a nap now... but a happy nap now!


I feel sick...

I just got the response to my appeal and the main reasons I got the ban WAS the thumbnail. But that is not all.

Despite behaving myself for 2 months, they still thought they should ban me anyhow.

Why jump to ban?

They said I had already had been suspended a few times before.

This is news to me.

I have never been suspended!

I have been a deviant for 7 years and I am pretty sure I would have noticed having my account suspended and taking it as a warning of possible future actions if I had not behaved.

In fact I would have changed the purpose of my account on Deviantart altogether.

It felt like I was unexpectedly being punched in the stomach when I was extending my hand to them in appreciation and agreement.

DA: "We know you have been sincere and see you have behaved... but we don't care about the fact you have changed and you promised not to be a problem anymore... we are going to ban you now and  not give you a chance to prove yourself." (<- what it felt like they were saying)





Whatever... do what you want.

I really don't care right now.

They aren't giving me a chance because of some made-up "suspensions"... so I am really fucked for another month... when they say I can try to appeal the ban again...

Mythical suspensions they pulled out of thin air...

Right now I want to just go to bed... 

...for maybe a month... 

...dream of a miracle perhaps...


Neural said...

It says a lot about a company when they have to fall back on outright lies in order to justify their actions.

Dark Seraph said...

Glad to hear that they fixed it up, here's hopping you don't have to deal with that BS ever again.

phillipthe2 said...

Well, good to see you're (eventually) back in action.

Honestly though, I can't believe people actually intrust their money and/or livelihood to a company whose only known business address is a strip mall postal drop box on Hollywood Blvd, crammed between a cigar shop and a nail salon?

I sure as hell wouldn't.

Seriously, check'em out on streetview (or the like):

deviantART, Inc.
7095 Hollywood Blvd #788
Hollywood, CA 90028

microUgly said...

"we are going to ban you now and not give you a chance to prove yourself"

Did they really say that? Or were you paraphrasing?

FP said...



You can guess how emotional I was at the time I wrote that.

Updated now

FP said...


Looks like they are doing well from the look of their office space http://spyed.deviantart.com/journal/BOSS-Week-313647516

But anyhow I am glad to be (eventually) back

phillipthe2 said...

I think that's an office block in north Hollywood where their servers live...you can see the mountains through the window. My sister use to live not far from there back in the mid-90s...nice place if didn't mind the occasional blast of gunfire and a view overlooking a chop-shop.