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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 4 of DA ban

Working on commissions and my portfolio lately.

Even if I am banned from Deviantart, I still have to work and pay the bills.

So I am still waiting for the reason for my ban, but I did notice yesterday that they assigned the appeal to $kozispoon (she's the Copyright & Etiquette Admin).

She has become the go-to mod lately for any communications I have had with the help desk ever since I complained and showed that $realitysquared was being unbiased on an of my appeal rulings which they seemed to.

She was also the admin who told me 2 months ago after the July 4th deletions (when I found out it was the mod themselves who were monitoring and deleting my deviations and not external complaints) that I should stop testing them and behave.

So I did listen since we both got our points across.

So why is this relevant?

I toed the line and behaved since that day, adhering to the guidelines when I posted images on DA.  I respected her wishes and even apologized for past behavior because we had finally come to understanding of each other.

Everything that was posted was kosher - and this was during my Hat-a-day challenge.

So when I got banned for posting a "prohibited" image and afterwards got the notices about a deletion from my gallery of a "prohibited" image. I could only assume THAT was the image that got me banned.

Funny thing.

That image I posted was from an image appeal I asked for in June and during/after the appeal the moderator had no issues with this image when I used it as my evidence of inconsistent DA policy enforcement.

So I left it in my scrapbook.

Do you want to see it?

Are you sure?

It was what made SOMEONE on DA staff hit the perma-ban button.

Ok.... you were warned...

It can still be accessed via this page but you can't link or see the image link directly here or here 

Scary stuff people!

Scary, scary stuff...

More details and how you can show support here http://fav.me/d59jvx2 or here or here


EoRaptor said...

Hey Po, let you know we have been talking about this a lot over on KP Slash Haven... http://www.kpslashhaven.net/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5644&start=120 We're all behind you, even though at times the discussion swings into the hyperbolic.

microUgly said...

The comment about "stop testing them and behave" is what annoys me the most.

Have you done something wrong or not? If you haven't, what were the repercussions for the moderator who is behaving spitefully.

It is only natural that when someone gets their work deleted, that they are going to want to question this and question it publicly. And, honestly, I think that should be encouraged.

DAs behaviour against you is the worst form a censorship. It's the dont-make-us-look-bad-or-your-banned censorship.

It's time they raised above that and embrace criticism and dealt with their moderators.

Neural said...

OMG, I can't believe I clicked that link! I'm scarred! Scarred for life I tell you! /sarc


This whole thing really gets on my nerves.
DA needs to get it's act together and remove some of their idiot mods who do nothing but power trip like DA is their personal playground.