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Friday, August 3, 2012

View from the other side...

In case people were curious, this is the screen that greeted me BEFORE I got the note or the email about the deleted deviation.
This is the view from the other side of a banned site on DA. All you guys see is that I was banned.
“You have been banned from deviantART permanently with a reason of Re-submission of content previously deleted by staff.”
Still no note or email on the reason for the ban so this is the only likely indication for the reason for the DA ban.
I really wish they actually gave me more details.. or at least a warning or 2 week temporary ban as a warning shot.


León Manuel said...

Simply put, that motherfucking sucks.
Now, I don't know if you reposted those images or not, but my guess the DA admins are lying.
You know what? It's their loss. They kicked out a kickass artist.
Fucking retards.

Benjamin Edge said...
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St Guardian said...

All I can say is one thing, good thing I'm following you on both sites. Hopefully they don't have a problem with cartoon characters looking adult like. Keep up the good work.

Just wish you kept to one site though but having a backup is always better.

Jean Carrieres said...

I'm very sorry to hear you've been banned from DA. How does one contact you privately for commissions, now?


FP said...


You can contact me at callmepo at bell dot net

Tiquitoc said...

Those douchebags!, it's unbelievable the sorts of excuses they invent to win any argument, it's so sad.

I wrote in my journal your case, and there's many answers, you can check it here: http://tiquitoc.deviantart.com

And now, I'll start to follow your blog to continue to check your artwork, I hope you get here, that DevianArt couldn't give you.

See ya...