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Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 of DA ban

Hey everyone!

Day 3 of the DA ban (nice how it coincides with the actual date) and first of all I would like to thank all the support posts and journals I am seeing on DA (yes, even when banned I can still do  searches for my nick to see what has been posted to date).  Many thanks to Limeykat for being my liason during the ban appeal process.

It feels great to hear the words of encouragement from supporters and fans (and a few barbs from stick-in-the-muds) - trust me, I really do appreciate it when you can't participate in conversations.

As a matter of fact I miss the entire DA community - the fellow artists, not the politics and bureaucracy.

I miss sharing things, helping out new artists and being inspired by great works.

What other site would have all this in a single package?

It is kind of like a huge mall like Mall of America with all the shops and stuff to see.  Maybe you are there to check on someone, or see something cool and on the way you see something you didn’t expect to or make a new friend. Everyone definitely hangs out in the food court to recharge their batteries and just chill.

Right now, I feel like I am stuck outside the mall and looking in through one of the large plate glass windows in front. Like the guy who wants to go shopping but the mall just closed it doors and won’t let people in.

Blogspot and Tumblr is great for sharing stuff with everyone, but it can feel a little one-sided with regards to feedback and conversation.  Personally I have the guilty pleasure of listening in on others conversations when an interesting topic is discussed - which happens a lot on DA.

I still do have the ability to read the comments on DA and I did note that someone asked if I had a gallery for mainly my non-mature works.

Deviantart *was* my gallery for non-mature works.

With their mature filters to shield people from mature art (which I believe was the reason for it in the first place) and the ability to create sub-galleries, I was able to make a site that was friendly for a general audience - like how my Featured gallery had no mature content in it at all.

(It’s funny how art that was not mature in the first place got deleted from my gallery for being “inappropriate” and “mature” content... but I digress...)

I originally created the blogspot callmepo.blogspot.com as a place to house any art deleted from or not suitable for DA, but it got co-opted as my fall-back site.  It was the original “art deleted from Deviantart” site.

Same goes for callmepo.tumblr.com which I announced earlier as my future location for mature commission work.

Funny how plans can change.

callmepo.tumblr.com and callmepo.blogspot.com are now my main sites during the ban appeal and I am re-directing my mature art to another site I had in the works called pinupsushi.tumblr.com!

So yeah, I can still see and answer questions from you guys from DA thanks to Limeykat and my alternate sites. But just give Limeykat a little extra love for the help she has been giving me for the last few days ok? 


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EoRaptor said...

Know how you feel Po... I left Deviant Art 2 yers ago last month. I miss my favourite artists, I miss communicating with them and with fellow fans, and I miss collecting art and sharing my own designs.

but the politics got the point that I could not stomach the hypocrisy. "Cosplay deviants" for instance, I am shown by people with accounts, still posts photo shoots of people portraying minors in sexual situations, "But since it's a photo of adults, it's okay"

but eh, the point being I understand how you feel with missing an abusive lover like DA